That’s not my fault!

I’m sure I’m not alone as a parent when I have a little moment of pride at something that my child has learnt from me.

As babies, they learn to smile, laugh and clap their hands from us. They learn to walk with encouragement from us.

Throughout their early years there are countless milestones that we, as parents can take credit, or at least partial credit for and we could not be prouder to witness them.

Make the most of these moments while you are still beaming with pride at what your child has done.

There will come a time when your little one will develop an attitude to rival a wrestler. Things will be thrown…food, toys, siblings. Believe me those moments will fill you with anything but joy.

The toddler tantrums of the terrible twos ( and let’s face it threes ) will turn in to the “It’s not fair!” fours and fives.

Just when you are beginning to like your once angelic bundle of joy again, they will sidestep into the stroppy sixes and sevens.

By now you will probably have resigned yourself to the realisation that you don’t actually have to like your child all the time to love them unconditionally.

You might even be questioning your parenting skills or blaming your child’s friends for their asbo worthy behaviour, I mean where the hell did they learn to be such an unreasonable little git?

One of the harshest realities of parenthood is that it is actually your fault. No matter who or what you can find to blame, it’s your fault.

Whether it’s something they have seen you doing or heard you saying. They will have picked up on something that you probably haven’t even realised that you do. Something that will come back and bite you on the ass when you need it the least.

It might be a sneaky eye roll or a swear word that comes out in a moment of frustration but it will almost definitely something that you thought you have got away with. But of course you didn’t. They saw the eye roll. They heard the f%*#. They didn’t hear you tell them to put their bloody shoes on but that swear word has been deposited in the bad behaviour bank to be withdrawn just when you really don’t need it.

The older your children get the more you will see yourself in every thing they do whether you like it or not. Your witty comments and sarcastic comebacks will not be so well placed when they are pouring out of your mini me’s mouth. You’ll begin to hate every one of your personality traits that emerges from your child.

Of course it’s all your fault, they have learnt it from you. You just have to look at it from a different angle…be happy that your children are actually listening to you even though you might not think it.


2 thoughts on “That’s not my fault!”

  1. The bad behaviour bank! Funny. My little one is only 16 months, but already surprising me with random things he’s picked up. Oops! Xx

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