This better just be a phase!

Children go through phases.

My five bundles of joy have certainly had their fair share. From the no sleep phase to the talking in a weird voice phase…you know the one I mean!

Currently in our house there are a wide range of “phases”. Waking up super early. Constantly complaining about everything. Suddenly not liking their favourite cereal. Teenage girl language. The inability to close doors be that the kitchen cupboard doors, the car doors or the bathroom door!

Believe me that is only a few!

For those of you with babies still going through the early phases, like sleep regression or teething, count yourself lucky. Enjoy those phases while they last.

When you are face to face with a fiercely independent toddler who will not wear shoes let alone a coat when they leave the house you will long for the days that broken sleep was the biggest thing they threw at you.

In the the teenage girl language phase I mentioned earlier, “Here’s the T”…the childhood phases just get better with age!!

The one that is driving me particularly crazy at the minute is poop.

The word poop.

Currently there’s a boy in our house who’s imagination only stretches as far as the word poop. It is the default thing to say for everything right now and quite frankly it’s poop!!

Even as I type now there is a conversation going on between him and his brother making up stories about toilets and poop in America and Australia. While I’m glad there’s some geographical knowledge in there somewhere I do wish it wasn’t all so toilet related.

I’m just gonna sit here and remember the days when he would only sleep four hours at a time!



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