Childhood Mental Health

I’m not going to claim to be an expert on anything least of all children. I can say that I have 20 years of experience in parenting from when I first found out I was pregnant to now which sees me with 5 children from early years at primary school to early years at university.

To be honest when I first heard that it was Childrens Mental Health Week I pretty much dismissed it as something that didn’t really affect our family…then I saw this graphic.This made me realise that childrens mental health is something that I need to aware of…because I know that my children have felt all of these emotions but I haven’t realised that those small words can have such a big impact on their lives.

My house is like a cross between a circus and a zoo most days so as you can imagine noise can reach a serious level and that can make it hard hear worries but very often worries are not to be heard but they can be very easily be seen. Usually the first sign that there’s something worrying one of my children is bad attitude towards anyone in their path.

So this Children’s Metal Health week I’m gonna try to improve my ringleader/zookeeper skills so I can maybe pick up any little mental health worries a bit sooner. I know that by the end of the week I will probably want to sell my children to the highest bidder but I won’t cos they are mine…worries and all.

📸 Elise Gravel


2 thoughts on “Childhood Mental Health”

  1. Well put! It’s so easy to think these big issues don’t affect us, but you’re right – they do. And we ignore them at our peril. Great use of humour in this post, to lighten the mood.

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