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Teething sucks…Slobberscarves can help.

Here at Slobberscarves we can not only offer you teething advice and tips on how to get through those long teething days and nights, we also offer a wide range of bibs and teething accessories too.

Slobberscarves were born out of a need for a super absorbent bib that not only kept my little boy dry but looked good too.

Everything we sell at Slobberscarves is hand made with 19 years of parenting experience in mind.

Every item made is made to tackle a little problem or issue that I have encountered along the road…from the super dribbles that soaked through clothes in no time to putting everything they can get their hands on into their mouth.

So from dribble bibs to teething toys Slobberscarves can help you right the way through those glory days of teething.